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POST Update existing item category

POST /item_categories/:id


title | requiredStringThis is the tile of the Item Category
parent | optional
StringThis is the hash value of an existing category that will be a parent to the new Item Category.

You can update an existing Item category . It is possible to change the title of the category or assign the item category to a new parent

A POST request is expected to be sent to the above endpoint where the content body must be JSON string containing all parameters that are needed to update existing Item category. The below example demonstrates how to update an exiting Item category. 


curl - s - H "Content-Type: application/json" - H "Authorization: Bearer token"\ - XPOST\ - d '
    "item_category": {         
       "title": "New Item Category"           
' \

' \


  1.   { "id": "99356d9aab71f7886577de2b0907ebb63a55344c", "organization_id": "6b9fbba6eb9d482ae0e86bb0d8928c9776db097f", "parent": null, "title": "Sample Item Categor", "date_created": "2018-01-05", "date_updated": "2018-01-08" }