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POST Create new category

POST /item_categories

name | required
StringThis is the tile of the Item Category
parent | optional
StringThis is the hash value of an existing category that will be a parent to the new Item Category.

A POST request is expected to be sent to the above endpoint where the content body must be JSON string containing all parameters that are needed to create a new item category. The below example demonstrates how to create a new Item category. 


  2. curl - s - H "Content-Type: application/json" - H "Authorization: Bearer token"\ - XPOST\ - d '{ "item_category": {  "name": "item category name", "parent": "99356d9aab71f7886577de2b0907ebb63a55344c"  } } ' \


RESPONSE:  { "id": "78a7d77d17b7ee43680e83754e4bdd71cb25afab", "organization_id": "6b9fbba6eb9d482ae0e86bb0d8928c9776db097f", "parent": "99356d9aab71f7886577de2b0907ebb63a55344c", "name": "Item Category", "date_created": "2018-01-08", "date_updated": "2018-01-08" }