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Accounteer API

Welcome to the Accounteer developer pages. On these pages you can find all information to integrate Accounteer with your application and automate accounting flows.

Registering an application

  1. Login to the Accounteer developer portal (if you already have an Accounteer account you can login with the same credentials)
  2. Go to "My Apps", in the top right menu
  3. Click on "Add new app"
  4. Enter a name for you app. The redirect URL when the user has authenticated. And a short description of what your application does

Authenticating an application

Accounteer uses OAuth to authenticate applications.

  1. Create a "Connect to Accounteer" button in your application
  2. The user is prompted to log in to his Accounteer account
  3. The user then selects the business he wants to give the application access to
  4. The user is redirected back to your app. An access and refresh token is sent along.

In case you need assistance integrating your application with Accounteer you can always contact us by sending an email to [email protected]